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Calling all VB coaches-past and present!!! 
I would like to include a new webpage "Longest Winning Streaks" to the SDVBCA website. To be included, I need the name of the coach, the school, the streak (at least 20 in a row), and the year(s) of the winning streak.
See below for a very incomplete list.

  • Aug. 11- 1st Allowable Practice
  • Sept. 30- SDVBCA Membership due (Nancy Hoeke)
  • Oct. 1- All-Star Nominations due (Jean Benson)
  • Oct. 28- Coaching records due (Jill Christensen)
  • Oct. 31- Individual Senior Academic due (Jean Benson)
  • Oct 31- Team Academic Award of Excellence due (Jean Benson)
  • Dec 3- Miss VB Banquet- Harrisburg North Middle School- 7:00 pm
  • Dec. 4- SDVBCA All-Star Match sponsored by Adrenaline Fundraising (Darren Tipton)- Harrisburg North Middle School-2:00 pm
  • Feb. 27- Friend of VB Nomination due (Kathy Hunt)
  • Feb. 27- Hall of Fame Nomination due (Kathy Hunt)
  • Feb. 27- SDVBCA Scholarship due (Nancy Hoeke)
  • March 24-25- Spring Coach's Clinic @Harrisburg North Middle School- Clinician is Theresa Beeckman

If you have any questions, corrections  for  
any webpage or can fill in some of the            missing information, please email me            at Jill.Christensen@k12.sd.us.

Deadlines: See calendar below
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Congratulations to Jill Christensen  (Parker) for being named a volleyball

George Kiner and SD Coaches Against Cancer have Volleyball History Memory Books for sale. The updated booklet includes: 
Results of all SDHSAA sponsored tournaments (1982-2015)
Stories, pictures and results of each B-A-AA State tournament
Individual and Team Statistics
Volleyball Coaches of the Year
Volleyball Hall of Fame