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Calling all VB coaches-past and present!!! 
I would like to include a new webpage "Longest Winning Streaks" to the SDVBCA website. To be included, I need the name of the coach, the school, the streak (at least 20 in a row), and the year(s) of the winning streak.
See below for a very incomplete list.

  • Sept. 30- SDVBCA Membership due (Nancy Hoeke)
  • Oct. 1- All-Star Nominations due (Jean Benson)
  • Oct. 28- Coaching records due (Jill Christensen)
  • Oct. 31- Individual Senior Academic due (Jean Benson)
  • Oct 31- Team Academic Award of Excellence due (Jean Benson)
  • Dec 3- Miss VB Banquet- Harrisburg North Middle School- 7:00 pm
  • Dec. 4- SDVBCA All-Star Match sponsored by Adrenaline Fundraising (Darren Tipton)- Harrisburg North Middle School-2:00 pm
  • Feb. 27- Friend of VB Nomination due (Kathy Hunt)
  • Feb. 27- Hall of Fame Nomination due (Kathy Hunt)
  • Feb. 27- SDVBCA Scholarship due (Nancy Hoeke)
  • March 24-25- Spring Coach's Clinic @Harrisburg North Middle School- Clinician is Theresa Beeckman

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Remember to get your All-Star nominations to Jean Benson by October 1!
(see "downloadable forms" both as PDF and WORD formats)

George Kiner and SD Coaches Against Cancer have Volleyball History Memory Books for sale. The updated booklet includes: 
Results of all SDHSAA sponsored tournaments (1982-2015)
Stories, pictures and results of each B-A-AA State tournament
Individual and Team Statistics
Volleyball Coaches of the Year
Volleyball Hall of Fame

If you have any questions, corrections  for  
any webpage or can fill in some of the            missing information, please email me            at Jill.Christensen@k12.sd.us.

Deadlines: See calendar below